ORCID (Open Researcher Contributor Identifier) is a registry of unique, persistent identifiers for researchers and scholars. ORCID provides a persistent identifier – an ORCID iD – that is unique to each researcher. ORCID is also a mechanism for linking your research output and activities to your ORCID iD. The ORCID record linked to your unique ORCID iD is compatible with many scholarly communication systems used by publishers, funders, and institutions.

The UAB Faculty Profiles system can use your ORCID iD to help build your CV and streamline your publications and grants.

You can register for an ORCID iD at https://orcid.org/register. You can also locate your existing ORCID iD by searching the ORCID registry at https://orcid.org.

The Office for Scholarly Communication (OSC) can help you set up your ORCID iD or answer any questions you have about the ORCID system.