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A series of images from the UAB Archives

The UAB Archives collects photographs to document the history of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and of its predecessor entities.  Photographs from university departments, schools, etc., photographs from administrators, staff, faculty or students, and photographs from private individuals and organizations, those that portray UAB or the history of the health sciences, are collected to augment the university's official pictorial history.  Also preserved are photographs found within series of university records or within manuscript collections; these images are removed from the paper files for preservation purposes.  All photograph collections are assigned a collection identification number, with the letter "P" preceding the number for designation as a collection of photographs.

Some of the photographs from the collections of the UAB Archives are available online in the following locations.  The Image of the Month page has featured a monthly archival image since the fall of 2006.  Click to see Image of the Month.  The Digital Collections site of the UAB Libraries also contain several collections with images from the UAB Archives.  Click to see UAB Digital Collections.

The following is a list of photograph collections contained in the UAB Archives. A more detailed description of each collection, including series scope and contents, history, and folder-level inventory, is available in the UAB Archives.

Photograph Collections
Discrete collections of photographs

  • P1, Joseph F. Volker Photograph Collection.
  • P2, S. Richardson Hill Photograph Collection.
  • P3, Tinsley R. Harrison Photograph Collection.
  • P4, Fletcher Harvey Photographs.
  • P5, Kirklin Clinic Construction Photographs.
  • P6, UAB Photograph Project Collection.
  • P7, JCMS/UAB Health Sciences Archives Photograph Collection.
  • P8, Slossfield Photograph Collection.
  • P9, Hillman Hospital Nurses Photographs.
  • P10, UAB Campus Photographs.
  • P11, Ken Ives Studio Photographs.
  • P12, West Pavilion Architectural Drawings.
  • P13, Howard L. Holley Glass Slide Collection.
  • P14, University of Alabama School of Nursing Photographs.
  • P15, Hillman Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1942 Photographs.
  • P16, Hillman Hospital Nursing Photograph Collection.
  • P17, The Bulletin of JCMS Photographs.
  • P18, Valeria Wheeler Cochron Photographs.
  • P19, W. Peter McCann Photographs.
  • P20, Edward W. Stevenson Photographs.
  • P21, Medical Giants of Alabama Photographs.
  • P22, E. E. Eddleman Photographs.
  • P23, Lyons Room Photograph Album.
  • P24, Richard Nixon Visit Photographs by Pat Cleveland.
  • P25, Jefferson County Anti-Tuberculosis Association Photographs.


Manuscripts Photographs
Artificial collections created by removing photographs from Manuscript Collections.

  • PMC05, Spies Nutrition Clinic Photographs.
  • PMC12, Teague Family Photographs.
  • PMC13, James A. Pittman Photograph Collection.
  • PMC15, Lily May Caldwell Photographs.
  • PMC16, James F. Hatcher Photographs.
  • PMC28, University Hospital Historical Collection Photographs.
  • PMC29, Health Organizations Collection Photographs.
  • PMC30, Alabama Physicians Biographical Collection Photographs.
  • PMC31, Department of Medicine Biographical Collection Photographs.
  • PMC33, Tom M. Boulware Photographs.
  • PMC41, Thomas E. and Eleanor Abrams Hunt Photographs.
  • PMC42, Reynolds Historical Library Photograph Collection.
  • PMC47, Samuel Wallace Welch Photograph.
  • PMC48, Edwin V. Caldwell Photographs.
  • PMC49, Florence A. Hixson Collection Photographs.
  • PMC51, Emmett B. Carmichael/Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences Photographs.
  • PMC52, Jerry William Brown Collection Photographs.
  • PMC56, Luther L. Hill Photographs.
  • PMC63, International Organization for Mycoplasmology Photographs.
  • PMC66, Southern Surgical Association Archives Photographs.
  • PMC70, Samuel B. Barker Photographs.
  • PMC75, Edwin G. Waldrop Photographs.
  • PMC77, Joseph Lister Photographs.
  • PMC78, James Somerville McLester Scrapbook Photographs.
  • PMC79, UAB University College Scrapbook Photographs.
  • PMC80, Clyde N. Garmon Photographs.
  • PMC81, William Harrison Wilkerson Photograph.
  • PMC87, Lawrence Reynolds Photographs.
  • PMC93, UAB Day of History Photographs.
  • PMC94, Max E. Vaughn Photographs.
  • PMC99, Rebecca Agnew Holt Photographs.
  • PMC104, Henry B. Peters Photographs.
  • PMC108, Tom O. Caldwell Photographs.
  • PMC109, Rachel Keynton Photographs.
  • PMC110, Anne Findley Shores Photographs.
  • PMC111, Margaret Strange Klapper Photographs.
  • PMC112, Medical School Class of 1949 Photographs.
  • PMC113, Emmett B. Carmichael Photographs.
  • PMC114, Champ Lyons and Lyons Family Photographs.
  • PMC115, William P. Niedermeier Photographs.
  • PMC118, Ferguson Family Photographs.
  • PMC119, Camilla Linn Rosser Photographs.
  • PMC122, William C. Carter Photograph.
  • PMC124, Ernest A. Forssgren Photographs.
  • PMC125, Loeb Family Photographs.
  • PMC128, Mervyn H. Sterne and Sterne Family Photographs.
  • PMC129, F. Phinizy Calhoun Photographs.
  • PMC130, John R. Smythies Photographs.


University Series Photographs
Records series consisting entirely of photographs or artificial collections created by removing photographs from University Records.

  • P1.3.3, Special Project File Photographs.
  • P1.3.7, Woodward House Photographs.
  • P.1.3.10, President's Administrative File Photographs.
  • P2.1.3, Vice President for Health Affairs Administrative Photographs.
  • P2.1.7, Vice President for Health Affairs Administrative Photographs.
  • P2.3.2, Director's Administrative Photographs.
  • P3.1.11, Vice President for Academic Affairs Administrative Photographs.
  • P3.3.4, Center for Urban Affairs Director's Photograph.
  • P4.1.1, Honors Convocation Photographs.
  • P6.1, Sports Information Director's Photographs.
  • P6.2, Sports Information Director's Slides.
  • P6.4, Football & Basketball Photographs.
  • P7.1.1, Public Relations Directors' Administrative Photographs.
  • P7.1.2, Public Relations Director's Administrative Photographs.
  • P7.2.1, Media Relations Curriculum Vitae Photographs.
  • P7.2.3, Photographs from Newsclippings.
  • P7.2.6, Staff Writer’s Information Files Photographs.
  • P7.2.7, Media Relations Photographs.
  • P7.2.8, Media Relations Photographs.
  • P7.2.9, Media Relations Centers Reference File Photographs.
  • P7.2.10, Media Relations Facilities Reference File Photographs.
  • P7.2.11, Media Relations Director's Subject File Photographs.
  • P7.2.13, Media Relations Benefactors Reference File Photographs.
  • P7.2.14, Media Relations UAB Historical Photographs.
  • P7.2.15, Media Relations Photographs.
  • P7.2.16, Media Relations Arts and Humanities Photographs.
  • P7.2.18, Media Relations Administration Information Photographs.
  • P7.2.19, Media Relations UAB 25th Anniversary Celebration Photographs.
  • P7.2.20, Media Relations UAB Institutional Identity Program Slides.
  • P7.2.21, Media Relations Media Briefings Photographs.
  • P7.2.22, Media Relations Campus Publications Photographs.
  • P7.2.23, Media Relations Campus Photographs.
  • P7.3.1, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.2, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.3, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.4, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.5, Beacon Photographs.
  • P7.3.6, Medical Center Magazine Photographs.
  • P7.3.7, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.9, Creative Services Contact Sheets and Negatives.
  • P7.3.10, Creative Services Photographs.
  • P7.3.11, Campus Photographs, Negatives and Slides.
  • P7.3.12: Kirklin Clinic Dedication & President W. Ann Reynolds Photographs, 1992-1997, .10 cubic foot
  • P7.3.13, Publications Photographs.
  • P7.4.1, UAB Report Photographs.
  • P7.4.2, UAB Report Photographs.
  • P7.4.3, UAB Report Miscellaneous Photographs.
  • P7.4.4, UAB Report Miscellaneous Negatives.
  • P7.4.5, UAB Reporter Photographs.
  • P8.1.1, Photographs of Campus Buildings for State Insurance Fund.
  • P9.3, Distinguished Professors Photographs.
  • P13.1, School of Public Health Dean's Administrative Photographs.
  • P15.3, Lister Hill Library Slides.
  • P15.4, Chief (Medical) Librarian's Photographs.
  • P15.5, Library Staff and Event Photographs.
  • P15.6, Library Construction and Miscellaneous Photographs.
  • P16.1.1, University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P16.1.2, Beacon Photographs.
  • P16.1.3, University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P16.1.4, North Wing Dedication Photographs.
  • P16.1.5, History of University Hospital Photographs.
  • P16.1.6, University Hospital Events and Activities Photographs.
  • P16.1.7, University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P16.1.8, University Hospital Contact Sheets.
  • P16.1.10, University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P16.1.11, Beacon and University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P16.1.12, University Hospital Public Relations Photographs.
  • P17.1.8, Medical Center Aerial Photographs.
  • P17.1.10, School of Medicine Yearbook Photographs.
  • P17.1.11, School of Medicine Dean's Administrative Photographs.
  • P17.1.20, Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences Photographs.
  • P17.1.25, School of Medicine Dean's Administrative Photographs.
  • P17.1.28, School of Medicine Events and New Facilities Photographs.
  • P17.1.29: Progress Notes 1960 Senior Class Photographs.
  • P17.1.30: Medical Student Photographs, 1929-1982.
  • P19.1, School of Health Related Professions Photographs.
  • P20.2, School of Nursing Deans' Photographs.
  • P21.1, School of Optometry Dean's Photographs.
  • P21.2, School of Optometry Photographs.
  • P21.3, School of Optometry, University of Alabama at Birmingham: 25th Anniversary Photographic History, 1969-1994.
  • P23.1, Photographs, Negatives and Slides.
  • P23.2, Photographs and Negatives.
  • P25.2.3, Summer Student Program File Photographs.
  • P25.2.4, Laboratory Personnel Photographs.
  • P25.2.6, Subject Photographs.
  • P26.1, University Hospital School of Nursing Historical Photographs.
  • P26.3, University Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Reunion Photographs.
  • P27.1, Cancer Center Community Affairs Office Publications Photographs and Slides.
  • P28.1, Medical Publications Office Health Systems Photographs.
  • P30.1, Honors Program Director's Administrative Photographs.
  • P30.2, Honors Program Photographs.
  • P37.1, Graduate School Dean's Photographs.
  • P38.2, Art Department Chair's Photographs.
  • P38.3, Art Department Chair's Photographs.
  • P38.4, Departmental Historical Slides.
  • P45.2, Town and Gown Production Photographs.
  • P45.4, Town and Gown Miscellaneous Photographs.
  • P45.6, Town and Gown Celebrities and Entertainers Photographs.
  • P46.1, WBHM Photographs.
  • P46.5, Alabama Radio Reading Service Photographs.
  • P46.8, WBHM Photographs and Slides.
  • P46.9, WBHM Staff Photographs and Slides.
  • P46.10, WBHM Eppes-Durr Memorial Garden Dedication Photographs.
  • P47.1, UAB Visual Arts Gallery Exhibition Photographs.
  • P48.2, Student Life Photographs.
  • P48.3, UAB Mascot File Photographs.
  • P48.4: Gender and Sexuality Diversity Coordinator Photographs.
  • P49.4, University Hospital Auxiliary Photographs.
  • P49.5, University Hospital Auxiliary Photographs.
  • P49.6, University Hospital Auxiliary Photographs and Slides.


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