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Name: The Southern Surgical Association Archives

Dates: 1887-2000 (on going)

Extent: 33.50 cubic feet

Historical Note: In 1886, two brothers in Birmingham, Alabama, Drs. W.E.B. Davis and J.D.S. Davis, established the Alabama Gynecological and Surgical Association. The following year, the organization changed its name to reflect a broader membership base. The Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association held its first meeting in 1887 in Birmingham. Although the name suggests a regional focus, Dr. W.E.B. Davis wanted the organization to accept prominent surgeons across the United States and around the world as members. In 1916, the SSGA changed its name to the Southern Surgical Association (SSA). The organization set a membership limit of 50 Fellows during its first year. Through the years the membership cap has increased from 50 to 300. The annual meetings, held in December of each year since 1888, have scientific sessions during which members read papers. In 1958, the SSA awarded its first Arthur Shipley Medal for the best paper presented at the previous meeting. Since 1888, the SSA has published a record of the papers presented at their annual meetings in a multi-volume set of Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association. In addition, their papers are published in journals, and in 1940, the SSA published the Fifty-year Index to the Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association, Volumes One to Fifty, 1887-1937 Inclusive. In 1989, the SSA published The Southern Surgical Association. The First 100 Years, 1887-1987, a bound volume tracing its one hundred year history. The SSA held its 100th anniversary meeting at the Homestead Hotel in Hot Springs, Virginia, site of twenty-eight previous meetings.

Scope and Contents: Contains articles, correspondence, ephemera, posters, and reports from the 100th anniversary meeting; correspondence and working papers for publications of Transactions; copies of Transactions, Candidates for Fellowship, Family Register, and scientific programs; membership records; bank statements, tax records, records of expenditures, records of meeting expenses, reports, and check books; general, treasurer, secretary, and miscellaneous correspondence; audio tapes and video tapes of annual meetings; bound volumes; attendance signature pages from annual meetings; and various historical materials including souvenirs from past meetings, medals, reprints of presentations, and banquet programs.

Arrangement: Organized into nine distinct series: 1. Materials Arranged by the Reynolds Historical Library; 2. 100th Anniversary; 3. Council; 4. Correspondence; 5. Financial Materials; 6. Printed Matter; 7. Members; 8. Historical Materials; and 9. Video and Audio Tapes.

Accession Number: M99-04

Provenance: In 1987 the SSA Council designated the University of Alabama at Birmingham the official repository of the organization's archives. The material, which was first housed in the Reynolds Historical Library, was named the Joseph M. Donald Collection in honor of Dr. Joseph M. Donald, SSA President, 1960, and professor at the Medical College of Alabama. The Southern Surgical Association Archives were housed in the Reynolds Historical Library from 1988 until 1998 when they were transferred to the UAB Archives. Additional SSA archival material will be added to this collection as new materials are transferred to the UAB Archives. Many of the records in the archives arrived at UAB through the efforts of SSA Fellows, Drs. Arnold G. Diethelm and Robert S. Sparkman.

Finding Aid: Printed descriptive guide by Donnelly F. Lancaster available in repository.

Access Points:
Alabama Surgical and Gynecological Association.
Davis, John Daniel Sinkler d. 1859-1931.
Davis, William Elias Brownlee d. 1863-1903.
Donald, Joseph Marion d. 1903-1961.
Homestead Hotel (Hot Springs, Virginia).
Medicine - Societies, etc.
Reagan, Nancy Davis d. b 1923- .
Reagan, Ronald Wilson d. b 1911- .
Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association.
Southern Surgical Association.

Document Types: Correspondence, Financial records, Photographs, Audio tapes, Video tapes, Reports, Posters

Access: Unrestricted except for materials found in Series V (see Scope and Content Note below).

Location: Manuscript Stacks

Related Series: PMC66, SSA Photographs

Physical Condition: Acid free folders and acid free boxes


MC66, Southern Surgical Association (SSA) Archives

Series I: Materials Arranged by the Reynolds Historical Library, 15 c. f.
Series II: 100th Anniversary, 1 c. f.
Series III: Council, .75 c. f.
Series IV: Correspondence, 1.25 c. f.
Series V: Financial Materials, 3.5 c. f.
Series VI: Printed Matter, 4 c. f.
Series VII: Members, .25 c. f.
Series VIII: Historical Materials, .25 c. f.
Series IX: Audio Tapes and Video Tapes, .50 c. f.

PMC66, Photos, 7 c.f.

Total 33.50 c. f.

SSA General Scope and Content Note

The Southern Surgical Association Archives contain materials in a variety of formats that document the activities of the organization and its members.

Series I contains a group of materials the SSA organized and sent to the Reynolds Historical Library in 1988. This series contains approximately 15 cubic feet of material in various formats. Please note that the published Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association remain in the Reynolds Historical Library; a second set of Transactions may also be found in the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences.

Some of the materials in this series were created and used exclusively for the organization's 100th Anniversary meeting in 1987. These items include 23 posters, commemorative plaques, souvenirs, and a photograph and videotape from President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.

Series I contains reprints of presidential addresses. The earliest presidential address in this series is from 1926 and the last presidential address is from 1988. Addresses from several years are missing. The series contains a complete set of original member attendance signature pages from 1938 through 1987.

This series contains a dummy copy and sample cover of The Southern Surgical Association: The First 100 Years, 1887-1987. This series also includes a bound volume, Fifty-Year Index to the Transactions of the Southern Surgical Association, Volumes One to Fifty, 1887-1937 Inclusive.

One item in this series is a small, framed souvenir from the 1931 meeting. The souvenir contains brick fragments from the first hospital in America and from the Birmingham building in which the SSA was organized. The series also contains banquet programs from various years ranging from 1931 to 1966.

Series I contains copies, from various years, of three types of booklets: scientific programs, Candidates for Fellowship, and Family Register, and of various materials relating to the Shipley Award for scientific presentations, including a complete set of reprints of the award winning presentations from 1957-1986.

Series II contains materials relating to the 100th anniversary of the SSA. There are files with a variety of materials including information on various presidents; the history of Birmingham, Alabama, site of the founding of the SSA; the Association's gavels; and sites for past annual meetings.

Series III contains materials from the SSA Council from 1984 through 1994. These materials include information from the Council meetings held at annual meetings.

Series IV contains correspondence files, and is divided into several subseries: general, treasurer, secretary, and miscellaneous. The correspondence in this series dates from 1978 through 1994.

Series V contains financial materials. This series includes bank statements for certificates of deposit, checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. Also included are tax materials, checkbooks, treasurer's reports, records of meeting expenses, records of expenditures, and records of members' dues. The materials in this series range from 1964 through 1995. Due to the confidential nature of records in this series, access is restricted. Researchers must gain permission from the University Archivist for access to the materials in this series.

Series VI contains materials relating to SSA printed matter from 1988 through 2000, including materials kept from the editing and publication of the Transactions. This series also contains copies of the Proceedings, Family Register, and Candidates for Fellowship.

Series VII contains materials relating to SSA members, including a list of new members from 1987 and annual meeting sign-in sheets from 1989 through 1992.

Series VIII contains correspondence and materials relating to the archives of the SSA. There are also additional materials used in the historical exhibit at the 100th anniversary meeting. This series also contains programs from the 1926 pageant and the 1924 annual meeting.

Series IX contains videotapes and audiotapes from various annual meetings. Included in this subseries is the 1987 videotape from President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.

Photographs, negatives, and slides from this collection form PMC66, an artificial collection. The collection includes photographs of presidents, 1888-1987; Shipley Award Medals and recipients; historical exhibits from the 100th anniversary meeting; historical Birmingham slides; chapter authors from The SSA, The First 100 Years, 1887-1987; various members and their wives; plaques at the Homestead Hotel; and officers and members as children.

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